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Being the youngest of four, my nickname from birth was duoduo,  meaning “extra”. In the Asian culture, boys were valued over girls. From the very start of my life, I didn’t feel valued or loved. I didn’t feel worthy or deserving of much of anything. 

My low self-worth was not just sitting inside of me, it was vibrating out of me. As a result, I spent 6 years struggling through a toxic relationship, 8 years tolerating a job I hated, and 30+ years believing I was worthless.

I learned that my voice didn’t matter. I truly believed that other people’s opinion of what I should do became or do was more important than my own. I didn’t feel like I had any control of my life until I met Bob Proctor.

I pushed past my self-imposed limits and family expectations. After finally seeing my worth and value, I took back control of my life. I started a business I love, I became an international best-selling author of 2 books and turned my annual income into my monthly income. 

Today, I am a speaker, coach, & author and I teach service-based entrepreneurs to turn up their self-worth so they can tune into their desired wealth and experience the Opulent life. I'm on a mission to help millions of people live an opulent life physically, mentally, and spiritually, just like I am.

You can choose who you want to become. You can choose how you want to live. You can choose to create the lifestyle you want. You have a choice. Choose you!

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Amy Lin is a speaker, coach, and author. Her speeches are high energy, informative, with a touch of humor, and earn rave reviews from event attendees.

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Recent Media Coverage

Amazon Prime Video Speakup: Taking the Quantum Leap
During season 2 of the show, Amy talks about what a quantum leap looks like and its
implications in terms of results in your personal life and professional life. She also
shares six simple steps that you can take to create a quantum leap in your own life.


Best You Expo: Attracting Your Opulent Life
During one of the biggest personal development conferences, Amy talks about the
definition of “Opulence”, which means an abundance of wealth and how you can attract
opulence into your life.

Beverly Zeimet Show
During her virtual book tour “Asian Women Who BossUp”, #1 Amazon International
Best Selling book, Amy shares some of her daily practices as part of her continuous
personal development journey.

Shall We Proceed Podcast: Living the Opulent Life & Bossing Up!
During the interview, Amy shares about how she followed her passion with the desire to
help people to become the best versions of themselves by becoming an opulent coach
within a short time, to now teaching entrepreneurs how to create a quantum leap in
their lives.

Womb Centered Healing Podcast: Re-parenting into self-worth and purpose
Growing up in a traditional Asian family of four kids and being the youngest one, Amy
had little or no self worth. She shares her personal traumas and the impacts they had
on her, what she did to overcome, and how she was able to transform to the next
version of herself through personal development.


88 Quantum Leap & Become Opulent with Amy Lin
Amy Lin is an Opulent Coach, Speaker, and Best Selling Author who helps entrepreneurs to create a quantum leap in both their personal and professional lives. Her passion is helping people to become the best versions of themselves because she has a firm belief that everyone deserves to live an opulent lifestyle. [Click  Here]

How to make Quantum Leap in both professional and personal lives with Amy Lin
My guest Amy Lin is the CEO of the Opulent Academy to help people achieve abundance-materially, intellectually and spiritually. She is an Inner Circle Top Consultant with Bob Proctor, Author in Women Who BossUP series and Speaker featured on Amazon Prime TV Show "SpeakUP". Her passion is helping people become the best version of themselves. Amy shares her personal journey of transformation and how she helps entrepreneurs quantum leap to an abundant life. [Click Here]

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Press Releases

Shoutout LA-Meet Amy Lin: Opulent Coach, CEO & Founder of The Opulent Academy
Amy and her organization The Opulent Academy were featured in the local magazine
“Shoutout LA”. She shares about how risk-taking played a huge part of her life and even becoming the opulent coach that she is today. She also makes a shoutout to her mentor Didi Wong for believing in her in the beginning of her speaking journey. [Click Here]

Einpresswire- Bestselling author Amy Lin on how to quiet your fear and tap into your intuition
In the #1 International Amazon Best Selling Book “Asian Women Who BossUp”, Amy shares her story of how she followed her intuition, stepped outside her comfort zone, and created her own path rather than the paths that were set by the society, among other 18 Asian women entrepreneurs. Now with her coaching business, The Opulent Academy, she is helping other entrepreneurs to discover their potential and create theirdream lives. [Click Here]

VoyageLA- Meet Amy Lin- Wealth Mindset Coach, International Keynotes Speaker, 2X Amazon Best Selling Author

Amy was invited back for a third interview with the local publication VoyageLA where they feature local business owners who give back and contribute to the local community.  This time she shared about the mission at The Opulent Academy and the impact that they are making in the community. [Click Here]